Call for Papers

The agile manifesto has triggered fundamental rethinking about method use in information systems development in general, software development in particular. Agile approaches have been promoted as a panacea for the long-standing problems concerning IS and software application development [1]. We agree with [2] that most of underlying concepts of agile thinking emerged in the early-stage of information systems development. For instance, the need for active user involvement in software development has its origins in 1970s. Global software development [3] and emerging settings (e.g., cloud computing, offshore outsourcing) bring up new challenges for academics and practitioners to make use of agile thinking.   
This workshop provides academics, practitioners with a broader perspective on agile approaches to software development. The term “hope” signifies the fact that practitioners consider agile thinking as a panacea, but the hype term characterizes the agile development as yet-another-movement in the history of software development.
We invite submissions in the form of academic papers as full technical papers, experience reports as short papers.  We are interested in papers that are conceptual and/or empirically-based.
Papers should be submitted in LNCS format and the results described must be unpublished and must not be under review elsewhere. All accepted papers as extended abstract (maximum 5 pages) will be published as workshop proceedings and full papers as book chapters. Furthermore, selected papers will be invited to submit a revised version for a publication in Journal of Software & Systems Development with a fast-track review.

[1 Aydin, M., Harmsen, F., Kees van Slooten, & Stegwee, R. (2005). On the Adaptation of an Agile Information Systems Development Method. Journal of Database Management, 16(4), 24-40.

[2] Fitzgerald, B. (2000). System development methodologies: The problem of tenses. Information Technology and People, 13(3), 13-22.

[3] Tekinerdogan, B., Cetin, S. (2012). Introducing Global Software Development in Turkey: Why and How? IEEE Seventh International Conference on Global Software Engineering,
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, ISBN: 978-1-4673-2357-4

Paper Track

We invite research articles, works in progress and experience reports emphasizing field works concerning agile approaches to software development. Some of the specific subjects which are of interest in this workshop, but not limited to, are:

  • Software Process Improvement and Agile Methods
  • Agile Method Selection and Usage with Traditional Methods
  • Method Engineering and Agile Approaches
  • Enterprise Agile Transformation from Organizational and Change Perspective
  • Agile Method Tailoring for Organization and Projects
  • Agile Methods and Software Engineering Frameworks, Standards, Models
  • Agile Methods and Developer Experience
  • Agile Method and Project Management Issues
  • Agile Methods in emerging contexts (cloud computing, outsourcing, global distributed software development, critical-application development)    
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